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【北アルプス三大急登】紅葉シーズンの燕岳|Going up Mt.tsubakuro deressed in Autumn leaves.


(English description is below Japanese.)



燕岳の山頂付近はメルヘンチックな岩稜地帯がありで 柔和で美しいその山容から「北アルプスの貴婦人」と呼ばれています。

一方で登頂ルートはアルプス三大急登と呼ばれる「合戦尾根」登山道が待ち構えています。 およそ5kmのコースで約1300mもの高度上昇があります。 単純平均で26%の斜度。 スキー場に例えると上級者向けのゲレンデ。 その斜度を延々と登っていくことになります。







00:00 オープニング

00:50 本日の山行計画

02:08 中房温泉登山口

03:22 第一ベンチ~富士見ベンチ

06:00 合戦小屋~最終ベンチ

08:17 燕山荘~イルカ岩

09:56 燕山荘の様子

10:47 二日目登頂

13:10 燕岳山頂

14:06 頂上空撮

16:16 下山ルート

17:19 振り返り

17:45 山行データ



・中部森林管理局 中信森林管理署


・国土交通省 東京航空局


Thank you for visiting.

This footage is report about Mt. Tsubakuro of northan alps in JAPAN.

The area around summit of Mt. Tsubakuro is called "Lady of the Northern Alps" because of its gentle and beautiful mountain scenery.

On the other hand, there is a "KASSEN-ONE mountain trail" called the three major rapid climbing course in the Alps waiting for you.

There is an altitude rise of about 1300m during trail course of about 5km. The simple average of slope is 26%. It's like climbing an advanced ski slope endlessly.

However, many hikers climb this mountain every year, because it is so attractive.

This time, I have taken video of the autumn leaves season, which is said to be one of the most beautiful seasons of year.

In this video, I will deliver the state of"KASSEN-ONE mountain trail" that you may be interested in and the beautiful view from the mountaintop that is colored with autumn leaves. Of course including drone shootings.

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It make me motivate.





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